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About Healing Hands Alchemy

Alchemizing pain into POWER through Quantum & Metaphysical Modalities

Hi!  I'm Hanna and I am here for you. To help you feel safe, at Home, and cared for. To help heal those parts of you that need extra TLC, the parts that have seen and felt trauma. Everyone wants to be happy. Everyone wants to experience unfiltered joy.

With my Quantum Healing Sessions, all of those Chakras unbalanced start to open up and activate. This transforms trauma into happiness. I am fully prepared and equipped to guide you along your Spiritual Journey should you start to feel alone, confused, or even fearful along the way.

Why am I equipped to guide you?

I have had not only many near death experiences, I have also had many Dark Nights of the Soul.

I have experience in personally Healing my Self of cancer, lung issues, thyroid issues, and menstrual issues.

I  went through many heavy traumatizations in a short period of Time(beginning in 2014), which led me to start to develop symptoms of Complex PTSD.

I have since been rewiring my brain and a lot of that has been subconscious work and Healing my Inner Child and my Inner Teen.

I share a lot of my experiences on my Blog and on Instagram.

I have honestly been through a plethora of pain and trauma, and I know now how to help alchemize and transmute that for others.

Of course, every Session does include you allowing the Energy to Flow through you. 


I have studied Reiki, Ayurveda, Prana, Qi, Chakras, Astrology, Crystals, and other Holistic, esoteric, metaphysical, & quantum healing modalities for over a decade.

I was born gifted as a claircognizant, clairsentient, clairaudient, and clairvoyant.

I have skills that have been acquired through the Divine. 

Those that choose to Heal with me receive Sacred, personal, and special Insight.

I started reading Angel Cards in 2014, and have since extended my collection.

I started offering Readings on IG and my YouTube Channel in Spring 2021.

I have been utilizing Fire Alchemy since January 2020.

My Certifications include:  Usui Reiki II - Tarot Readings - Akashic Record Readings - Ordained Minister Food & Health - Chinese Medicine - Science of Well Being

I am always seeking to further evolve and gain knowledge to later be applied as wisdom.

I believe above all, Love overcomes.


Book a Service with Hanna to help turn your pain into POWER and achieve higher states of well being.

Many options available suited to your Sacred needs such as:

Plans available for Quantum Healing, Tarot, & Spiritual Guidance Sessions!

All plans are discounted and come with extra goodies!

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Natural Shea Butter soaps handmade to awaken your mind, heal your body, & nourish your Spirit.

Completely Plant based

(100% vegan) and made with quality non-gmo ingredients such as herbs, oils, & flowers to help you on your Spiritual journey. 

Made small batch with sensitive skin in mind.

Every product is always made with Love and infused with Reiki.


Healing lotions to reduce pain & inflammation, moisturize & hydrate skin, and help you to feel Sacred.  

Made with the highest quality, non-gmo ingredients, and sensitive skin in mind.

100% vegan and suited to your temple's needs.

Made with Love and infused with Reiki.

Skin Salves

Healing salves made with quality, organic herbs, flowers, butters, & oils to help soothe any skin condition or inflammation.

Made with very few Plant based (100% vegan) ingredients and with sensitive skin in mind.
All made with Love and infused with Reiki.


HHA Mission

What started as a small

Shea Butter Soap business in 2018, has now grown into a beautiful CommUnity for those that are interested in the Holistic side of Life.

Life is beautiful and should not be filled with toxic chemicals. That's what we believe at Healing Hands Alchemy.

Every product is Lovingly handcrafted with only 10 ingredients or less.

Always pure, high quality, natural and organic.

Always Plant Based and small batch with sensitive skin in mind.

Only the most Sacred of Intentions is put into each item. 

 The mission is to help others heal their mind, body, and Spirit from PTSD and other negativity through different modalities of Holistic, Metaphysical, & Quantum Healing.

Healing at HHA is ALWAYS based on the individuals Sacred & personal needs.

Love, Intention, and Care is given to each unique individual and every product made.

It is my duty and Loving honour to help you feel cared for and at Home in your own Soul.

Join Healing Hands Alchemy CommUnity if you feel called!  You're Home here!

Check Out My


Shea Butter Chakra Hope Soaps

infused with Crystals & Herbs

Made with Love & Positive Aligned Intentions

  • Natural & organic

  • 100% vegan & Plant based

  • No harsh chemicals, additives, preservatives, etc.

  • Ingredients are all high quality, non GMO

  • Each one infused with cleansed & charged herbs & crystals

  • Comes with Intention for each Chakra

Check out

Healing Hands Alchemy Shop

to see the

7 Chakra Hope Soaps!


Comfrey is the star of the show in this salve.

A literal Miracle worker for any skin condition,

or wound. Very healing for burns!

Takes away the pain almost instantly and reduces scarring significantly!

Made with Love & Healing Intentions

  • Natural & organic

  • 100% vegan & Plant based

  • Only 6 ingredients, all made of Plants!

  • Anti-bacterial

  • Anti-fungal

  • Anti-microbial

  • Soothes ANY skin injury

  • Eases eczema & dermatitis

  • Speeds up healing

  • Antioxidant rich

  • Anti-inflammatory

  • Locks in moisture

  • Reduces scarring, including stretch marks!

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