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Soap, Soap, Don't Forget the Soap!

Updated: Feb 9, 2021


It's me, Hanna (aka SisterSmiley) the owner and one woman show at Healing Hands Alchemy!

I started this website in 2019 and figured it was probably about Time to at least do an introduction blog post!

First off, I'd like to THANK YOU for showing an interest in my humble business and taking the Time to read my blog! It truly means a lot to me and your presence here means just the same!

Now that I got the chance to formally thank you, I'll tell you a little about myself.

I am a stay at home whom home schools my daughter that has Asperger's.

We have several animals we care for currently near St. Louis, Missouri.

I Love the colors violet & lavender, Sunshine makes me happy, I LOVE animals and have been a veg head since 2014. I Love Plant milk, coconut water, & smoothies. Plants & animals are my best friends. I stare at the Moon. I sun gaze. I Love water! Prayer, meditation & yoga have changed me and my Life. I just turned 33!

I'd Love to learn about you!

You can join my online CommUnity here and we can learn about each other and the ways we can work together to change the World!

One of the ways I believe I am changing the World is through making safe skincare products for sensitive skin that are vegan, cruelty-free, made with lots of Love and Positive Intentions...not just on a personal level, but on a Collective one as well.

Making soaps, lotions, & salves is a passion of mine and something I have been studying for most of my adult life.

I started really getting interested when I realized I could combine my Love of plants & herbs with my Love for pure skincare products.

As a preteen and teen, I Loved Bath & Body Works, but the lotion seemed to dry out my skin and I couldn't find light enough scents that wouldn't disrupt my keen sense of smell. As a late teen & early adult, I started attending small music & healing arts festivals and came across 'the soap lady'. I became obsessed with collecting handcrafted soaps. When my favorite festival grounds closed when I was pregnant with my daughter (in 2010), I no longer saw 'the soap lady' so I started thinking about ways to make my own.

When my daughter was born and I realized she had sensitive skin like me, I wanted to be able to provide her with #soap and lotion that didn't harm her skin even more.

I started playing with ideas and recipes, researching EVERYTHING I could, and writing countless notes. I didn't have my own laptop at the time, and only a flip phone, so I studied mostly from herb books, and self sustaining books.

Around the time my daughter turned 2, she received 3rd & 4th degree burns on her hand. A friend of mine gave me Comfrey Salve and that prevented my daughter from receiving skin grafts. I was amazed!!! (I still am!)

I didn't know the recipe, but I spent the next several years looking for it and coming up with my own.

I finally created my own Comfrey Salve and am so so grateful for the Plant Medicine of Comfrey & Calendula. Comfrey Salve is the perfect natural "all-healer". It works wonders for any skin conditions, including burns. I am grateful that I can provide that type of healing to others. I know my daughter would have had a different outcome for the health of her hand. Instead, she still has a completely functioning hand with a scar that runs across her palm, but NO skin grafts.

I started making lotion to help heal pain without synthetic chemicals or preservatives--a natural lotion and a CBD lotion. I combine the best pain relieving and anti-inflammatory essential oils to create a "Dream Cream" that helps ease your body and mind. The smell is so heavenly as well, and the lotion feels so soft and creamy.

Anywayyyy LOL!

I finally started this endeavor in 2018 after hearing friends and family talk about body pain, their #soaps & lotions drying out or hurting their skin, and random people asking me about pain relief methods.

I started the website in May of 2018 after almost a year of selling my lotions and soaps at festivals and shows.

Now that festivals aren't going on, I have definitely seen and felt the effects of not being able to vend my soaps and lotions.

I am hoping with Time, things will start to pick back up and I will be able to expand my skincare line and offer more yummy food for your body.

I have been creating other things as well and I am thinking about doing a IG reel soon to show what I've been up to.

I am also an energy reader, clairaudient, clairsentient, clairvoyant, and I dance with fire fans. I am going to be offering Healing transmissions & clearings with my fire fans over Zoom or in person soon!

My next post will be a free DIY on a skincare product!

I will make a post here about my new Zoom account, please stay tuned!

For Now, you can subscribe to my website, and follow me on Instagram @healinghandsalchemyss !

Thank you so much for taking the Time to read my blog!

Oh yeah! I am doing a sale for Chakra Hope Soaps right Now until the 28th of February, 2021. Buy 2 and get 1. You can enter the code at checkout buy2get1 Shipping is a flat rate of $6.75 and everything goes out on Wednesdays, insurance & tracking # included. Every package comes with a free gift!

Thank you for looking!

Much Love and many Blessings to you and yours,


Owner at Healing Hands Alchemy

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