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Serenity Crystal Faeririum

Serenity Crystal Faeririum

***Description is for the one pictured on the left.***


Crystal Faerirums!

Where Crystals dwell and Faeries sleep! Just imagine your favorite Crystal sitting in the middle of the Moss, next to your favorite sleeping Faerie!


This magical Creation is adorned with 2 different kinds of Moss, Blue Kyanite, Amethyst and Rose Quartz lining the walls.

A Faery favorite, tiny handmade Amanitas "grow" around the Crystals.

This Faeririum is lined with golden white lights. Moss surrounds the outside, and lights up at night!

The lightbox is timed and is covered with Moss and a baby Amanita.

Made with lots of Love and Positive Vibrations.


Check out my instagram page to see videos! 


Every order is Infused with lots of Love and Reiki.

Every order placed receives a Free Gift.

Every order placed receives a Lifetime 10% discount code and can be used for the Shop or Services.


Book a Reiki Plan( 3 Sessions) with me and receive 22% off!

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