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Summer Collection 3rd Eye Chakra Hope Soap

Summer Collection 3rd Eye Chakra Hope Soap

~Lavendar Myrrh & Amethyst~
Recall past Life memories and visions with Gratitude as you bathe with the Lavendar Myrrh & Amethyst 3rd Eye Chakra Hope Soap.
Intended for the 3rd Eye Chakra to help you see clearly with Love and Gratitude.
Will help open your 3rd Eye and enhance past Life insight.
Intentionally set with the Mantra,
"I see with Gratitude."

Lavendar promotes calm, reduces stress & anxiety, promotes restful sleep, boosts Spirituality, opens Soul to Oneness. Also antibacterial, antifungal, and antimicrobial.
Myrrh is antibacterial and antimicrobial and will help clear negative energy. Helps Spirituality,Connects to past Lives, helps maintain Enlightenment & clears illusions.
Amethyst cleanses, Protects, Heals, boosts clairvoyance, is a Universal Healer, helps with sobriety, calms the Spirit, and enhances Intuition.
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