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Summer Collection Crown Chakra Hope Soaps

Summer Collection Crown Chakra Hope Soaps

~Jasmine Rose & Lepidolite~
Sacred and ancient Vibrations of the Rose will help you Connect to your Crown Chakra as you allow the Jasmine Vibrations to relax and rejuvenate you. Jasmine will help sharpen your Intuition, with the Healing power of Rose soothing your skin and interacting with Lepidolite to relieve stress & tension and balancing your mind, body, and Spirit.

Jasmine has Ancient and Sacred Vibrations. You could notice boosted brain function, relaxation, calmness, healthy skin, and focus.
Rose has Ancient and Sacred Vibrations, Heals skin, evens skin tone, brightens & boosts mood, and helps Connect the Crown to Heart.
Lepidolite relieves exhaustion and tension, stabilizes mood & emotions, helps sciatica, gives clear reception for the Crown, dissolves pain, reduces depression, and renews confidence & Purpose.
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