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Summer Collection Heart Chakra Hope Soap

Summer Collection Heart Chakra Hope Soap

~Rosemary Sage & Green Moss Agate~
Connect with Mama Earth and feel renewed  with cleansing energy from the Rosemary Sage & Green Moss Agate Shea Butter Soap.
This Chakra Soap is for the Heart Chakra, set with the Intentional Mantra, 
"I Love my Self and others."
Allow your Heart Chakra to expand as you repeat the Mantra. Your Heart is safe.

Rosemary is antibacterial, antifungal, antiseptic, reduces pain, cleanses & purifies, improves memory and Protects.
Sage eases stress & anxiety, relaxes & reduces blood pressure, opens up creative Pathways, cleanses your Aura, and Connects you to Earth.
Green Moss Agate opens the Heart Chakra and Connects you to the Earth. You will feel Oneness with all.

All Crystals and herbs or flowers used are cleansed if needed, and charged with a Heart Chakra Singing Bowl, 428 hz music, Sage and Palo Santo.
All Soap is small batch, handmade with lots of Love, specific Positive Intentions for each aroma, Faery Magic, and infused with Reiki.
Before going to their Home, all items are cleansed with Singing Bowls & Sage and charged with Selenite. Every package sent with lots of Love.
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