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Summer Collection Root Chakra Hope Soap

Summer Collection Root Chakra Hope Soap

~Rose Vanilla & Garnet~
Allow your Self to feel grounded and calm in the Sacredness of your Being with Rose Vanilla & Garnet infused Shea Butter Soap.
Handmade with Love by me, this Root Chakra Hope Soap is set with the Intention of having everything you need.
"I have everything I need."
Repeat Mantra as you rub luxuriously over your Sacred Temple. You haveeverything you need.

Rose emits Sacred Vibrations, clears skin, evens skin tone, relaxes & soothes,  and promotes healthy & youthful skin.
Vanilla emits Ancient Vibrations, grounds, reduces anxiety, fights infections, keeps bugs away, and is Anti-inflammatory.
Garnet is grounding, Protective,  helps regenerate cells, helps circulation, and increases creative & sexual energies.

All Soap is small batch, handmade with lots of Love, specific Positive Intentions for each aroma, Faery Magic, and infused with Reiki.
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