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Summer Collection Sacral Chakra Hope Soap

Summer Collection Sacral Chakra Hope Soap

~Mandarin Bergamot & Carnelian~
Allow your Self to tap into your Divine creative senses and honour the Sacred and sensual Being you are with the Mandarin Bergamot & Carnelian Soap.
Your Sacral Chakra will feel alive and awakened. Don't be surprised if you turn your own Self on. 😘
Set with the Intentional Mantra,
"I feel creative and sensual."
Repeat as you rub your Sacral Chakra with this Chakra Hope Soap.

Mandarin is antibacterial and will gently exfoliate your skin and Aura. Uplifiting for the mood and helps allievate anxiety.
Bergamot is antifungal, antibacterial, and has an uplifting affect on your mind and Spirit. Very cleansing, will brighten your skin and even your skin tone. 
Carnelian helps you tap into your Creative side and grounds you at the same Time. Protecting your Sacral Chakra, you feel more in touch with your sensual and sexual side. It's okay to let loose. 😉

All Soap is small batch, handmade with lots of Love, specific Positive Intentions for each aroma, Faery Magic, and infused with Reiki.
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