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Summer Collection Throat Chakra Hope Soap

Summer Collection Throat Chakra Hope Soap

~Blue Lotus Geranium & Blue Lace Agate~
Allow Blue Lotus to remind you of your Sacred voice and Geranium to promote Self Love as you bathe with this Chakra Hope Soap. Made for the Throat Chakra and set with the Intentional Mantra, 
"I speak with Love."
The Blue Lace Agate will encourage you to speak your Truth and forgive, expanding your Throat Chakra and supporting healthy relationships.

Blue Lotus has Ancient & Sacred Vibrations. Naturally moisturizes, balances skin, reduces blemishes, lightens scars, relaxes & uplifts, promotes collagen generation and is good for all skin types.
Geranium carries Sacred Vibrations. Treats acne, reduces inflammation, promotes Self Love & uplifts Spirit, evens skin tone, and brings happy Vibes!
Blue Lace Agate opens your Throat Chakra, promotes Peace & calm, instills Joy & promotes Forgiveness, encourages Truth speaking, supports growth and healthy relationships. 
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